SEO in London and Adthena

SEO in London and Adthena

Adthena is a fast growing start up based in London and Curtis Scarlett works there as the Customer Experience Specialist. He is assigned for the customer relation of the company by means of providing technical support, solving customer problems, and also with server maintenance.

Curtis Scarlett has vast knowledge in Web development and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). An IT graduate, he is also trained in marketing and business management. He is an expert in building dynamic websites, coding basic programs, developing mobile apps and computer network diagnosis. With the help of Curtis, Adthena provides the best Search Engine Optimization services in the entire London.

SEO in London : Boost your services

Marketers rank SEO as the most effective digital marketing strategy.

Referring to the latest state of marketing report, most of the people who are using SEO and SEM as a part of their marketing strategy find it very effective.

SEO provides increased credibility for your brand

Staying high in the search results, signals to seekers that you are a key player in your industry. And obviously ranking on the 3rd page will create unwanted situations, that you will not like to face being a newcomer.

SEO in London and Adthena

SEO along with Social Media

In today’s market email marketing and social media broadcasting are both very effective ways for producing leads, but both demand sufficient effort. To stay at  the top of minds of your customers, you need to post good material on your social media profiles.

The majority of customers research products online before going to a store

Recent research shows that 81% of shoppers research and compare products online before hitting local stores. Some reports put this number as 94% for B2B consumers.  So with Curtis Scarlett you can get all the necessary information regarding SEO in London.