Inside the Existential Void of an Adult Anime Game

What you need to know is that right currently, on the net, there is a game called Pussy Saga, and if that isn’t a resource of bottomless follow-up questions for you, I recommend you leave now.

Pussy Saga (and also yes, I will joyfully duplicate this phrase numerous hundred more times) is a hentai porn Flash game that is coldly misogynist and even offensive, and also markets itself because of this. It targets dust freaks on the net like me– I originally discovered its pop-up advertisement while trying to find an illegal stream of I, Frankenstein– and also couldn’t stop thinking of the intense colors, titties and also lost adjectives it threw across the display.

The Pussy Saga isn’t meant to discover. It locates you. I clicked through.

” Endure your kinkiest sexual fantasies as you obtain to understand the sluts of this city!” the front page states. “Meet bitches, take them on dates, as well as bring their holes to ecstasy! In return, they will certainly reveal to you their most valued and intimate wishes.”

Fascinating. As one of the sluts of this city, I would enjoy the possibility to disclose my most valued as well as intimate wishes right before having my hole offered ecstasy. At the risk of sounding reduced in self-confidence, this seems like a reasonably excellent bargain Porn Games. Maybe Pussy Legend remains in truth fabulous.

Inside the Existential Void of an Adult Anime Game

Why does any individual play this game? Sure, there are the laid-back interested like me, but the vast majority of individuals playing Pussy Saga are doing so thoughtfully, implying that there are a few significant difficulties to get right before diving in. The comments left on the coming with Reddit board, FAQ and on similar video games like Huniepop (click at your own damn risk), are horny men reporting tech glitches. I’m not kink-shaming, yet I do not get off on that, and the same dark part of me that sincerely desired to understand WWE followers and the individuals who hang out at the American Lady shop throughout the day was triggered. Click for more info

Why does anyone play this game? Sure, there are the casual interested like me, yet the vast bulk of people playing Pussy Legend are doing so thoughtfully, indicating that there’s a couple of significant obstacles to obtaining directly before diving. The comments left on the coming with Reddit board, Frequently Asked Question as well as on comparable games like Huniepop (click at your very own damn threat), are horny guys reporting technical problems.