How to style your accessories

Fashion and styling are for everyone, and not just fashionista, every girl next door goggles the slightest information about it. While the market has so many cute tiny bits sold as accessories, we all crave to buy them for discounted price at . The problem arises as to how to use them correctly? Here are a few tips that will help you style your accessories.

Scarves are not only for the neck.

Ladies, don’t choke your slender neck with big scarves and be a sloth bear. The floral cloth can be accessorised in many elegant ways. A small one can be used as a hair tie to give a slightly retro look. For a chic look, tie a catchy print scarf on your bag.

Match your metals

Your jewellery has a lot of potentials; it’s only for you to notice the bits and bobs. Match your gold and silver outfits with a similar colour tone accessory. For example, coordinate your metals to the rim of your glasses and the snap of your jeans. Leathers look better with metals like a belt with a silver buckle can be flaunted with a silver watch. But then, don’t dig the metals too much to lay your body with glitter. Be subtle and classy.

Avoid matching necklaces and earrings

Pairing your outfit with the similar colour neckpieces or accessories is an old approach to styling. A fashionista must upgrade to the newest and trendiest path of styling accessories. The matched look brings a more mature and marked personality out while experimenting a bit makes you more of a playful and fun person.

Wear no more than 3-4 large accessories

Remember stacking up yourself is like a storeroom. Your body curves are not meant to hide behind huge accessories and oversized clothes. Some people tend to wear too much jewellery for a wedding or a festive occasion. Evening gowns with a dozen of the fixture is a walking jewellery store. It is alright to combine great jewel with the low neck cut dresses, but they should not be more than 3-4 of them.

Don’t hide a large collar below a bulky scarf

Scarves are a blessing in the winter. But they are functional only when worn correctly. If your coat has a big collar, do not add a large scarf to cover up the neck. It can be altered with a light handkerchief to avoid the cold.

Only use a full set of matching jewellery if the items are small in size

A few people debate that wearing earrings, bracelets and rings all in one set looks boring. The idea, however, isn’t partly false, for it all depends on the size of the accessory. If they are small in size, all of them can be worn together without embarrassment.

How to style your accessories

Remember that large rings don’t suit everyone

Thick rings are a trend. With so many types in the market – geometric, plain ring, interconnected, Bejewelled, mid-ring set, typography ring and the list goes on. But for your tiny little fingers, don’t go on filling them with the full set of rings. Instead, opt for a slim and thing mid-ring or a delicate pair to visually increase the length of your fingers (an illusion).

Avoid black footwear if you’re wearing pastel tones

Black is everyone’s a happy colour, more appropriately a getaway colour. With no time left to dress up, we always choose black (the rescue colour). But, black is not for always and forever. In case of shoes, try nude and a lighter shade when you are clothes pastel. Dark shoes don’t work most of the time with pastel trousers or a formal look.

Select a single focal point when wearing statement jewellery.

The saying “less is more” is correct when worked with sturdy pieces. A single focal point with statement jewellery lets it own the spotlight. A focal point is a part where your eye is drawn. If your eye is drawn to your feminine neckline, it’s the focal point. If your hair is tied back and shows your ear out, that is your focal point. Choose an excellent piece of earring to stand out!