Twitter Password Change Or Reset Guide Step By Step

Twitter Password Change: Social networking has became a part of our everyday’s life. It became a medium to keep updated with what’s going around the world. Among those social networking sites Twitter plays a prominent role by connecting its users to their beloved stars and keep them updated with what’s happening in their life. Not only stars but also all the top brands and upcoming brands would like to share their important updates via twitter, thus the active user base on twitter. No one can deny this Facebook may keep you updated with some news and updates of your friends and beloved but most of the stars, celebrities, companies used to be on twitter first and later they came to Facebook. The reason for this is not much known but the badge verified may be one of the important features that made twitter dominate Facebook in attracting celebrities to social networking. Here we provided Twitter password change procedure in detailed way.

Important Features Of Twitter: 

You can change your username and profile name whenever you want, but this may be considered a drawback because no one would like to change their username once in a while they published one username. For example you have your twitter username on your website or on your visiting card changing the twitter username will make you change the older username everywhere it is spread.


Twitter Features

Twitter Login Failed?

You can only tweet upto 140 characters including tagging the persons in your tweet. This seems to be a pretty nice feature with a biggest flaw, so what’s nice about this feature. It will make sure that user have to read so much to know some and with this feature the person who tweets will stay very very straight forward. And the drawback with this feature is you cannot write more if you have to tag lot of persons or adding tag of a person with large usernames will literally decreases your tweet’s characters.

With other addon apps you can update your tweet as your status on other social networking sites. For example if you have linked your Facebook account with twitter you can simply tweet and your fb status also will be updated simultaneously and this have an option to post an update about your retweets also.

Twitter Password Change/Recovery:

Have you ever wondered what if I lose my access to my twitter account? The profile you have built with your hands to follow all your likes friends and family and where you have shared many emotions success failure with your followers ? You don’t have to panic on this matter anymore because twitter provided all its users with a very simple process to regain their access to their twitter account with simple steps.

First of all having updated your twitter account with an accurate and up to date email id or alternate email id or mobile number will be a plus and can do the best and makes your process much simple. Make sure that you have your twitter is updated with your upto date email id and phone number or you have access to the email id and phone number that is associated to your twitter account

If you have only lost your password then you can get your access back easily, lets see how:

If you have only forgotten your password, you can simply ask for a temporary login code via email or SMS (if your mobile number associated to your twitter account is verified). This specific option is to send yourself a login code that is appeared on the login screen after you have entered the wrong password (only on IOS devices for now). Once you recieve the code, you can log into your account by using it (without using password).
Note: The login code works as a One Time Password and is not reusable.

You can turn off this feature by visiting your security and privacy settings after successful login or signup. Under security search for login with code and check the box next to Always require password to login to my account

Note: This feature is only available on Twitter for iOS. Also, this feature is not available if you have login verification enabled.

Twitter Account Forgot Password:

The other way is to click on the “Forgot password?” on the login page to start the reset process. In case you have forgotten your twitter password, by this process you can reset it from your computer or mobile app. If you have access to your email account or phone number that is associated with your twitter account enter one of those into the search field or else enter the username of your lost twitter account.You can also try using the mobile number that is associated with this account previously. And Follow the Reset process as below.

twitter password change

Twitter Password Reset:

Twitter offers you 2 different ways to reset password, select your method but, the mobile verification is available only when you have verified your mobile number on the twitter account. Through which you will get a code to your associated phone number, or you can get a password reset link to email id associated to your twitter account.

If you have received code or you got the link via email follow the link. If you have opted to receive twitter text enter the code that you received to access the reset password screen. Once you see the Password reset screen you may have to enter the new password twice. If you don’t find any email and you are using Gmail check in updates section or your spam folder. Now you have to enter your password twice to create a new password for twitter account. After creating your password, you will be logged out and you can twitter login with your username and your new password.

Conclusion: If you no longer have access to your email id or mobile number associated with your account, there is no other way to reset your password. You will have to regain access to your email id to reset your twitter password.